Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This summer of 2011 , I went back to my Greek Island Naxos, with my daughter Roxanne. We stayed again in Kastraki, with Maria and her family's, in their wonderful and simple place, a sweet Taverna, a small food shop, and a few charming rooms to rent. All of it, on a small and sweet property right on the beach, facing the Azur Blue Mediterranean Sea, far away from the invasion of tourist, the shops and the big resorts. Roxanne and I just swam, did some snorkeling, played backgammon every day, ate Greek Salads, fried octopus and Mousakas, read a lot, went on small treks with our little scooter, played with our friends the  SCHMIDTS, and basically, just rested a lot ! Almost every morning, I woke up early, did my yoga, had my water with lemon, read a bit, and after breakfast with Roxanne and her boyfriend Dimitri, I painted and drew. It took about ten days, to find again the real pleasure of drawing, of experimenting, of freeing the imagination, and allow one self to explore again the deep unknown parts of our souls ! :-) MAgic came again, It was delicious and very absorbing ! Here are a few of my drawings of this summer in Naxos. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Sweden April 2011

Directing 2nd unit for a big Swedish action film " Hamilton " by Jan Guillou.
Sweden is a fascinating place and Stockholm is a beautiful city. 
The people are kind and calm.  Nevertheless, you feel something creeping under the surface ! 

No wonder Bergman was so inspired :-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


While staying at the empty Sheraton in CAIRO, with my POLISH team, we experienced a wonderful and surrealist adventure :-) I decided to draw all the great stories I heard from my Egyptian film crew! I went to direct a musical commercial for a local dairy product I had won before the revolution. Against all advices from Europe and all embassies, I decided to go ahead and shoot it. There were tanks everywhere, and a curfew at night, but otherwise we felt safe. The Egyptians I met were so enthusiastic and full of hope for the future they had fought for so bravely. They were of course so happy we had decided to come and work with them in such uncertain times. If we had not come, the shoot would have been canceled, meaning no salaries.....Of course lots of worries and trouble lie ahead, but the fact that today, sits in jail , some of the most powerful and richest men in Egypt, shows, that the tide has turned! It´s important that Europeans and foreign business, resume their obligations to this New Egypt.  Lets help them creating the EGYPT they wish to have, a fair and peaceful place, where every voice counts and where every man and woman, finds his / her dignity..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


These drawings, created in the autumn of 2010,  follow a series,  started in the 90´s. They are a recurring theme where i investigate the way we like to hold each other. 

Monday, March 21, 2011


In 2004, I moved to Warsaw to be with Basia and discover a new country. For a 9 months I had an atelier in a big house I had rented in MOKOTOW. There I resume painting and drawing. These are just the sketches for a few paintings that now hang in a night club called TAMBA TAMBA.


L'ENVOL. It´s a wall fresco, 3 meters long , 2 m in hight, created in the span of a summer, on the island of NAXOS in 1984. Today, I believe, it hangs in the private home of SARKIS & BOBBY, the restaurant owners and friends